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“Eastside Animal Hospital cared for my dog Chelsea exactly as I would have! Dr. Houghton provided excellent care for the very sweetest part of my life! As with all medical care, I sought out the very best! In my opinion, this hospital IS what humane treatment is all about! Thank you to Dr. Houghton and all staff for doing your jobs with excellence!”

—Patricia B.


“Love everyone here, especially during emotional times...They explain all options and give price estimates to help make your decision..”

—Mary W.


“I've only had the need to use this vet hospital once and it was a very pleasant experience considering we were there with a sick dog. Great staff. Very accommodating. Wonderful vet from UGA.”

—Jason M.


“My dog was severely injured in an accident just today and they were so accommodating to us as we said our final goodbyes. They even gave us ink and clay paw prints to keep. I think I actually made one of the nurses cry I was so upset. I could tell they really cared from all of the "I'm sorry for your loss"'s I was getting. Thanks, Eastside. You made this passing a little easier. ”

—Alana H.


“It's 1 am on Christmas morning and the staff was incredible. So blessed they have the compassion and dedication to treat our dog. ”

—Andy Y.