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At Eastside Animal Medical Center, every pet and procedure is different, but our standard of care is the same for all.


Our advanced anesthetic procedures combine cutting edge technology with old-fashioned, hands-on care. Each patient is expertly treated by our surgery team, including one doctor, and two skilled caretakers. This allows us to offer a 2:1 nurse to patient ratio, meaning two highly-trained veterinary nurses provide care for every one hospitalized patient. This includes careful observation for comfort and safety, compassionate nursing care and of course, plenty of affection.


At  Eastside Animal Medical Center, we maintain the safest anesthetic protocols. Prior to surgery, each patient is given a thorough physical exam to assess his/her general health. Lab tests are also performed to ensure liver and kidney functions are within normal limits. For our older patients, diagnostic imaging may be performed prior to surgery.


During surgery, one technician is dedicated to monitoring the patient's anesthesia — including measuring his/her heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature and carbon dioxide output — from the start of the procedure until he/she is fully awake. This allows us to diagnose any problems and adjust the anesthesia accordingly for each individual. An IV catheter is placed to provide fluid support and rapid medication administration, when necessary. A Bair Hugger warming blanket is also used during each procedure to support core body temperature.


Following surgery, each patient is closely monitored to ensure a comfortable recovery. Pain management is an intergral part of insuring your pet's return to full recovery following surgery, whether the procedure is elective or emergent. Most patients will be monitored for a minimum of 24 hours after anesthesia at the Hospital. The length of the hospital stay is determined by the type of surgery and the follow up care that is necessary.


Remember, our staff is here to communicate with you every step of the way. Once the procedure is complete, the doctor will call you and schedule a dismissal time, during which she will address any additional questions or concerns.


The day after the procedure, we will contact you again to make sure your pet is doing well and recovering as we expect.

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