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Pet of the Month

May Pets of the Month

Eastside Vet PetsMy name is Othello and I am a spoiled rotten kitten. I adopted my family after they bought their house 9 years ago and decided that they needed me to take care of them. Last month I had a mishap that led me to having to be in and out of the hospital for a month. The doctors and staff at EAMC are wonderful and took amazing care of me, getting me back to my old self again. I love spending my days sunbathing and going outside to lay on the porch. 

April Pets of the Month

April Pet of the Month Eastside Animal Medical CenterHi my name is Roco. I am a 13 year old miniature dachshund. Thank goodness I’m cute, otherwise I’d be in trouble because I am very stubborn and do not like to listen. Last November, I injured my spine by jumping off the couch. I was rushed to the vet and found out I ruptured a disc in my spinal cord and my two back legs were paralyzed. I was extremely scared and had to take medicine and stay in my kennel for weeks. My family was nervous I wouldn’t make it through this and ever walk again. Well, after adhering to the instructions from my vet, getting laser therapy for a few weeks, and doing light at home exercises, my spine finally healed (for the most part). I am now able to walk, run, and sleep in the bed with my parents again (my favorite things to do!).



eastside pet of the monthMy name is Jack. I am 5 years old. My parents adopted me from FurKids Atlanta. I am a love bug and always want to lay next to Mommy or Daddy. My internal alarm clock is set at 4 AM even when Mommy's and Daddy isnt. I also love to eat, play laser pointer, and annoy my feline step sister Isabelle. I am the most loving cat you'll ever meet. Eastside Animal Medical Center has been helping me with my Stomatitis. I still need a little more work done on my teeth and Eastside Animal Hospital is the best! I am so happy I have my furever home and I have the best Vets taking care of me at Eastside ! Meow!

March Pets of the Month

Chica and Rico Pets of the MonthHi! I’m Rico and this is my sissy Chica! We are spoiled and we know it. We have the same mommy and daddy but came from different litters. Chica looks like daddy and I look like mama. Our human mommy waits on us hand and foot. I love chewing my chew toys and playing with mommy’s fuzzy socks. My sissy is the chill one. She likes to cozy up under blankets and nap. We get lots of compliments on our behavior because we don’t bark at strangers or doorbells. We only bark at each other. We are loving our life and everyone in it! Thank you EAMC for taking such great care of us. ❤ 



Waffles Pet of the MonthMeet Waffles: I was an orphan as a young kitten, but Gwinnett County Animal Control saved me from the streets. When I was about 3 months old, my furrever family came to Animal Control looking for a new addition. I was really confused because my mom started crying when she held me. I was a little scared, but I have come to learn that my overwhelming cuteness it what brings her to it's a good thing. I live a comfortable life of luxury, mainly spending my days lounging about the house in various positions. Dinner time is my favorite time of day. Post-meal, I can be founding cuddling like a baby taking a nap with my daddy on the couch.

February Pets of the Month

Eastside Animal Medical Center PetsMilificent Dupeire 
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA 
Hair: Orange and White 
Eyes: Golden 
Favorite Team: LSU 
Spirit Animal: Mike the Tiger duh... 
I was born and, mostly, raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My Mommy and I moved to Georgia 7 years ago when she reconnected with her junior high Daddy. I really miss my old home but my new home is pretty cool. I enjoy spending my days running between my two condos!!! One is really, really tall that I can see everything that passes in front of my house. My favorite is the one in the back that I spy on birdies and esp two strange kitties that pass through MY backyard. Mommy will not let me outside to go and play with them, she thinks I’ll chase them and run into the street. Most of my days are spent waiting for the hoomans to give me my well-deserved food and those crunchy, tasty treats. I also enjoy it when the hoomans throw my wine bottle squeaky toy and grazing on my fresh catnip Mommy grows for me; but mostly, I sleep.



I'm Bailey, my parents were a Springer Spaniel and Beagle. I was the product of a "date nite" at a kennel. I'm about 11 Top veterinarians at Eastside Vetyears old.

When I was younger, my first family and I did lots of hiking around the US. I moved in with my second family 4 years ago. This family has three human food sources and four cats. One of the cats seems to like me. That's awfully annoying, but I put up with him. I'm the only female other than two other humans in the house.

I love humans. Little humans are my favorites! My next favorite thing is fetching things and playing tug of war with my food sources.

January Pets of the Month

My name is Lieutenant Dan and I'm in my terrible twos. Eastside Animal Pet of the Month

I keep my mom on her toes by eating everything, including rocks.

Naptime is my favorite hobby and I mastered my puppy face that gets me anything I want  




I'm Rayne! I love laying on laps and relaxing my day away. Cats at Eastside Animal Hospital

Even though I'm older that doesn't keep me from enjoying my catnip and chasing a laser.